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Online Community of Mobile Professionals There is growing research and anecdotal evidence of a major shift in work culture in the so-called “knowledge economy”. The number of people dropping out of historic perceptions of a career and switching to a work-life more under their control is constantly growing. The aim is to create a global community of (initially mainly focussed on highly mobile professionals) people that share an interest and (more importantly) a need to work in any location and have the flexibility to make your own decisions (single parents, …).

29 Jun 2017 #Work #Technology #Travel

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Travel and Learn

9 Jun 2017 #Work #Travel

Your Own Food

Agriculture & Food Sustainability LOHAS

Question the quality There is a definite trend for people to question the quality of shop bought food — that is, food grown with chemical inputs. Younger mothers of small children, in particular, are getting very conscious of the chemical residues, low nutritional status and additives in our modern ‘food’. There certainly is a growing realization out there that only organic food should be put on the dinner table to ensure that children will grow up strong, healthy, smart so they can reach their full potential.

9 Jun 2017 #Agriculture #Food